White Woman (Stuart Walker, 1933)

Director: Stuart Walker
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Executive Producer: E. Lloyd Sheldon
Writers: Samuel Hoffenstein, Gladys Lehman
Cinematographer: Harry Fischbeck
Editor: Jane Loring
Art Directors: Hans Dreier, Harry Oliver
Costumes: Travis Banton
Music: Karl Hajos, John Leipold

Carole Lombard (Judith Denning)
Charles Laughton (Horace H. Prin)
Charles Bickford (Ballister)
Kent Taylor (David von Elst)
Percy Kilbridge (Jakey)
James Bell (Hambly)
Charles Middleton (Fenton)
Claude King (C.M. Chisolm)
Ethel Griffies (Mrs. Chisolm)
Jimmy Dime (Vaegi)
Marc Lawrence (Connors)
Noble Johnson (uncredited)
Tetsu Komai (uncredited)
Greg Whitespear (uncredited)
Victor Wong (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Judith, a nightclub singer marries a cruel, possessive plantation owner named Horace Prin. Upon their return to his Malaysian plantation, Judith falls in love with Prin’s plantation overseer, but fears the repercussions if her husband finds out.

Release Date: November 10, 1933 (USA)
Running Time: 68 minutes