Big News (Gregory La Cava, 1929)

Director: Gregory La Cava
Producer: Pathé Exchange
Executive Producer: Ralph Block
Writers: George S. Brooks, Walter DeLeon, Jack Jungmeyer, Frank Reicher
Cinematographer: Norbert Brodine, John J. Mescall
Editor: Doane Harrison
Art Director: Edward C. Jewell
Sound Engineers: Denzil A. Cutler, Charles Wickes

Robert Armstrong (Steve Banks)
Carole Lombard (Margaret Banks)
Louis Payne (Hensel)
Wade Boteler (O’Neill)
Charles Sellon (J.W. Addison)
Sam Hardy (Joe Reno)
Tom Kennedy (Officer Ryan)
Warner Richmond (Phelps)
Helen Ainsworth (Vera)
Herbert Clark (Pells)
Gertrude Sutton (Helen)
James Donlan (Deke)
George Hayes (Hoffman)
Vernon Steele (Reporter)
Clarence Wilson (Coroner)
Fred Behrle (Elevator man)
Colin Chase (Birn)
Robert Dudley (Telegraph editor)
Gary Leon (uncredited)
Lew Ayres (uncredited)
Richard Cramer (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Steve Banks is a reporter whose alcoholism and cavorting are causing a strain on his job and marriage. Banks gets mixed up with the leader of a notorious narcotics ring, Joe Reno, who murders Banks’ newspaper editor, J.W. Sellon. When Banks is charged with the crime, he uses his investigating skills to clear his name.

Release Date: September 7, 1929 (USA)
Running Time: 75 minutes