Bolero (Wesley Ruggles, 1934)

Director: Wesley Ruggles
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Writers: Horace Jackson, Carey Wilson, Kubec Glasmon
Cinematographer: Leo Tover
Music: Maurice Ravel, Bernhard Kaun, John Leipold, Ralph Rainger
Editor: Hugh Bennett
Art Director: Hans Dreier
Costumes: Travis Banton

George Raft (Raoul De Baere)
Carole Lombard (Helen Hathaway)
Sally Rand (Annette)
Frances Drake (Leona)
William Frawley (Mike De Baere)
Gertrude Michael (Lady D’Argon)
Ray Milland (Lord Robert Coray)
Gloria Shea (Lucy)
Max Barwyn (uncredited)
Elinor Fair (uncredited)
Heinie Conklin (uncredited)
William Irving (uncredited)
Julanne Johnston (uncredited)
Fred Warren (uncredited)
Ann Sheridan (uncredited)
Philips Smalley (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Raoul, a ‘taxi dancer,’ is determined to be a success. After being advised that he would do better with a partner, he borrows money, moves to France, and forms an act with Leona. As his success grows, he opens his own nightclub, Chez Raoul, and begins dancing with Helen. When war breaks out in Europe, Raoul decides to enlist in the army as a publicity stunt; disgusted, Helen leaves him, and eventually marries Lord Coray. After the war, Raoul returns to his club and against his doctor’s orders, he begins dancing again.

Release Date: February 23, 1934 (USA)
Running Time: 85 minutes