High Voltage (Howard Higgin, 1929)

Director: Howard Higgin
Producer: Pathé Exchange
Writer: Elliott J. Clawson, James Gleason, Kenyon Nicholson
Cinematographer: John J. Mescall
Editor: Doane Harrison
Art Director: Edward C. Jewell
Music: Josiah Zuro

William Boyd (Bill)
Carole Lombard (Billie Davis)
Owen Moore (Detective Dan Egan)
Philips Smalley (J. Milton Hendrickson)
Billy Bevan (Gus)
Diana Ellis (Kid)

Plot Summary
Bus passengers get stranded during a heavy snowstorm, forcing them to take cover an abandoned church. Tensions run high when they discover that a fugitive is using the church to hide from the police.

Release Date: June 29, 1929 (USA)
Running Time: 63 minutes