The Eagle and the Hawk (Stuart Walker, 1933)

Director: Stuart Walker
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Executive Producer: Bayard Veiller
Writers: Seton I. Miller, Bogart Rogers, John Monk Saunders
Cinematographer: Harry Fishbeck
Music: John Leipold
Costumes: Travis Banton
Editing: James Smith

Fredric March (Jerry Young)
Cary Grant (Henry Crocker)
Jack Oakie (Mike Richards)
Carole Lombard (The Beautiful Lady)
Guy Standing (Major Dunham)
Forrester Harvey (Hogan)
Kenneth Howell (John Stevens)
Leyland Hodgson (Kingsford)
Virginia Hammond (Lady Erskine)
Douglas Scott (Tommy)
Robert Seiter (Arnold Voss)
Adrienne D’Ambricourt (Fifi)
Lane Chandler (Flier)
Crauford Kent (General)
Mary MacLaren (uncredited)
Dennis O’Keefe (uncredited)
Ellinor Vanderveer (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Three WWI pilots deal with the psychological and physical stresses of wartime combat.

Release Date: May 6, 1933 (USA)
Running Time: 73 minutes