Durand of the Badlands (Lynn Reynolds, 1925)

Director: Lynn Reynolds
Producer: Fox Film Corporation
Writer: Maibelle Haikes Justice and Lynn Reynolds
Cinematographer: Allen M. Davey

Buck Jones (Dick Durand)
Marian Nixon (Molly Gore)
Malcolm Waite (Sheriff Clem Allison)
Fred DeSilva (Peter Garson)
Luke Cosgrave (Kingdom Come Knapp)
George Lessey (John Boyd)
Buck Black (Jimmie)
Seessel Anne Johnson (Clara Belle)
James Corrigan (Joe Gore)
Carole Lombard (Ellen Boyd)
Jack Curtis (Actor)

Plot Summary
Sheriff Allison hires Pete to commit crimes while impersonating rancher, Dick Durand. When a warrant is issued for his arrest, the real Dick Durand returns to town to clear his name. Upon his return he falls in love with Molly, who refuses to return his affections due to his notorious reputation. In order to change Molly’s mind and bring his imposter to justice, Dick sets out to perform a series of good deeds.

Release Date: November 1, 1925 (USA)
Running Time: 50 minutes