I Take This Woman (Marion Gering, 1931)

Director: Marion Gering
Producer: Paramount Studios
Writers: Vincent Lawrence, Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cinematographer: Victor Milner
Costumes: Travis Banton
Music: Rudolph G. Kopp, Ralph Rainger
Sound: Earl S. Hayman

Gary Cooper (Tom McNair)
Carole Lombard (Kay Dowling)
Helen Ware (Aunt Bessie)
Lester Vail (Herbert Forrest)
Charles Trowbridge (Mr. Dowling)
Clara Blandick (Sue Barnes)
Gerald Fielding (Bill Wentworth)
Al Hart (Jake Mallory)
Guy Oliver (Sid)
Syd Saylor (Shorty)
Mildred Van Dorn (Clara Hammell)
Leslie Palmer (Philipps)
Ara Haswell (Nora)
Frank Darien (Station agent)
David Landau (Boss)
Lew Kelly (uncredited)
Robert Parrish (uncredited)
Lon Poff (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Kay is a bratty socialite who is sent to a ranch out West by her father. Upon Kay’s arrival, she is picked up by cowboy Tom, who immediately dislikes her. To get back at Tom, Kay tries to get him fired, but soon realizes it might be more fun to make him fall in love with her. Eventually, Tom and Kay get married and they move into a small, one room shack. Although the living arrangements are far from Kay’s expectations, she makes the best of it through the couple’s first winter. Eventually, Kay leaves Tom and heads back East, but soon realizes that she still loves him.

Release Date: June 27, 1931 (USA)
Running Time: 72 minutes