My Man Godfrey (Gregory La Cava, 1936)

Director: Gregory La Cava
Producer: Universal Studios, Charles R. Rogers
Writers: Morrie Ryskind, Eric Hatch, Zoe Akins (contributor), Gregory La Cava (contributor), Robert Presnell Sr. (contributor
Cinematographer: Ted Tetzlaff
Music: Charles Previn, Rudy Schrager
Editors: Ted J. Kent, Russell F. Schoengarth
Art Director: Charles D. Hall
Makeup: Hugh Roman
Hair: Loretta Francel

William Powell (Godfrey Parke)
Carole Lombard (Irene Bullock)
Alice Brady (Angelica Bullock)
Gail Patrick (Cornelia Bullock)
Eugene Pallette (Alexander Bullock)
Jean Dixon (Molly)
Alan Mowbray (Tommy Gray)
Mischa Auer (Carlo)
Robert Light (Faithful George)
Pat Flaherty (Mike Flaherty)

Plot Summary
Spoiled Park Avenue socialite, Irene Bullock, invites a forgotten man named Godfrey to be her family’s butler after finding him at the city dump for a scavenger hunt. Irene falls in love with Godfrey, but is rebuffed in part, because she reminds him of his past. It is revealed that Godfrey was part of the Boston upper class who gave up everything for a woman. Eventually, Godfrey helps the Bullocks with their financial troubles, opens a business that will employ all of the other men at the dump, and marries Irene.

Release Date: September 6, 1936 (USA)
Running Time: 94 minutes

Nomination: Academy Award, Best Actress in a Leading Role (1937)