A Perfect Crime (Allan Dwan, 1921)

Director: Allan Dwan
Producers: Allan Dwan, Mack Sennett
Cinematographer: H. Lyman Broening
Writers: Allan Dwan, Carl Clausen (story)

Monte Blue (Wally Griggs)
Jacqueline Logan (Mary Oliver)
Stanton Heck (Big Bill Thaine)
Hardee Kirkland (Bank President Holliday)
Carole Lombard (Griggs’ Kid Sister) ** billed as Jane Peters

Release date: March 5, 1921 (USA)
Running time: 100 minutes

Plot Summary
Wally Griggs lives a double life: by day, he’s a shy bank teller and by night, a roguish playboy. At work, he regales his boss and his colleagues with fanciful stories that are based on his own dalliances. Griggs steal some bank bonds and money belonging to his co-worker, Mary, and is later arrested. He sues for false imprisonment, and wins back Mary’s stolen money in an effort to save his sullied reputation.

Mary Oliver and Monte Blue.
Carole Lombard (known then as Jane Peters) and Monte Blue.