Nothing Sacred (William A. Wellman, 1937)

Director: William A. Wellman
Producer: David O. Selznick
Writers: Ben Hecht, Robert Carson (contributor), Moss Hart (contributor), Sidney Howard (contributor), George S. Kaufman (contributor), Ring Lardner Jr. (contributor), George Oppenheimer (contributor), Budd Schulberg (contributor), William A. Wellman (contributor)
Cinematographer: W. Howard Greene
Music: Oscar Levant
Art Director: Lyle Wheeler
Costumes: Walter Plunkett
Editor: James E. Newcom

Carole Lombard (Hazel Flagg)
Fredric March (Wally Cook)
Charles Winninger (Dr. Enoch Downer)
Walter Connolly (Oliver Stone)
Sig Ruman (Dr. Emil Eggelhoffer)
Frank Fay (Master of Ceremonies)
Troy Brown Sr. (Ernest Walker)
Maxie Rosenbloom (Max Levinsky)
Margaret Hamilton (Drugstore lady)
Olin Howard (Bag man)
Jinx Falkenburg (Katinka)
Monica Bannister (Pocahontas)
Shirley Chambers (Lady Godiva)

Plot Summary
Hazel Flagg makes international news when she is diagnosed with deadly radium poisoning. The only trouble is: she’s not really sick! Slick city reporter Wally Cook hears her story, so he invites her to live out her final days in New York so that his paper can get an exclusive scoop. When Wally’s paper invites esteemed European doctors to examine Hazel, she comes clean to Wally. They must find a way to keep her lie a secret in order to avoid scandal.

Release Date: November 25, 1937 (USA)
Running Time: 87 minutes