It Pays to Advertise (Frank Tuttle, 1931)

Director: Frank Tuttle
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Writers: Ethel Doherty, Walter C. Hackett, Arthur Kober, Roi Cooper Megrue
Cinematographer: Archie Stout
Costumes: Travis Banton

Norman Foster (Rodney Martin)
Carole Lombard (Mary Grayson)
Richard ‘Skeets’ Gallagher (Ambrose Peale)
Eugene Pallette (Cyrus Martin)
Lucien Littlefield (Adams)
Judith Wood (Countess de Beaurien)
Louise Brooks (Thelma Temple)
Morgan Wallace (L.R. McChesney)
Tom Kennedy (Perkins)
Marcia Manners (Miss Burke)
Frank Coghlan Jr. (Office boy)
John Howell (Johnson)
John Sinclair (Window cleaner)
Mischa Auer (uncredited)
Irving Bacon (uncredited)
James P. Burtis (uncredited)
Frank Tuttle (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Cyrus Martin, the owner of a soap company, pays his secretary, Mary, $5000 if she can get his loafer son, Rodney, to fall in love with her. Cyrus tells Mary that he wants Rodney to grow up and get a proper job, so he promises her an additional $5000 if she succeeds. Rodney cannot give up his old habits, so he decides to partner with a publicity man to sell a product that doesn’t even exist – 13 soap. When Rodney’s scheme pays off, Cyrus’ competitors accuse him of using 13 soap as a front for his own company, leading to tensions in the industry. To make matters worse for Cyrus, Mary ends up falling in love with Rodney.

Release Date: February 19, 1931 (USA)
Running Time: 63 minutes