Twentieth Century (Howard Hawks, 1934)

Director: Howard Hawks
Producer: Columbia Pictures
Executive Producer: Howard Hawks, Harry Cohn
Writers: Ben Hecht, Charles MacArthur
Cinematographer: Joseph H. August
Editor: Gene Havlick
Costumes: Robert Kalloch
Sound: Edward Bernds
Music: Howard Jackson, Louis Silvers, Harry M. Woods

John Barrymore (Oscar Jaffe)
Carole Lombard (Mildred Plotka/Lily Garland)
Walter Connolly (Oliver Webb)
Roscoe Karns (Owen O’Malley)
Ralph Forbes (George Smith)
Charles Lane (Max Jacobs)
Etienne Girardot (Matthew J. Clark)
Dale Fuller (Sadie)
Edgar Kennedy (Oscar McGonigle)
Billie Seward (Anita)
Pat Flaherty (Flannigan)
Clarence Geldart (uncredited)
Herman Bing (uncredited)
Lynton Brent (uncredited)
Anita Brown (uncredited)
James Burke (uncredited)
James P. Burtis (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Egotistical theater producer, Oscar Jaffe, sets his sights on neophyte actress, Mildred Plotka. He guides her career and changes her name to Lily Garland, making her the star of Broadway. Once Lily becomes a success, she moves to Hollywood. Falling on hard times, Oscar tries to lure Lily back into his fold to save his career.

Release Date: May 11, 1934 (USA)
Running Time: 91 minutes