Dick Turpin (John G. Blystone, 1925)

Director: John G. Blystone
Producer: William Fox
Cinematographer: Daniel B. Clark
Writers: Charles Darnton, Donald W. Lee

Tom Mix (Dick Turpin)
Alan Hale (Tom King)
Kathleen Myers (Lady Alice Brookfield)
Philo McCullough (Lord Churlton)
Lucille Hutton (Sally)
James Marcus (Squire Crabtree)
Bull Montana (Bully Boy)
Jack Herrick (Buck Horse)
Carmelita Johnson (Baby)
Fred Kohler (Ring Announcer)
Gary Cooper (extra) ** uncredited
Carole Lombard (extra) ** uncredited

Plot Summary
Based on the story of real-life 18th century highwayman, Dick Turpin faces great obstacles when he and his sidekick, Tom, attempt to rescue his girlfriend, Alice, from her loveless marriage.

Release date: February 1, 1925 (USA)
Running time: 70 minutes