No Man of Her Own (Wesley Ruggles, 1932)

Director: Wesley Ruggles
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Executive Producer: Albert Lewis
Writers: Maurice Watkins, Milton H. Gropper, Edmund Goulding, Benjamin Glazer, Val Lewton
Cinematographer: Leo Tover
Editor: Otho Lovering
Costumes: Travis Banton
Sound: Earl S. Hayman
Music: W. Franke Harling, Rudolph G. Kopp, John Leipold, Leo Robin

Clark Gable (Jerry ‘Babe’ Stewart)
Carole Lombard (Connie Randall)
Dorothy Mackaill (Kay Everly)
Grant Mitchell (Charlie Vane)
Elizabeth Patterson (Mrs. Randall)
George Barbier (Mr. Randall)
J. Farrell MacDonald (Dickie Collins)
Tommy Conlon (Willie Randall)
Walter Walker (Mr. Morton)
Paul Ellis (Vargas)
Charley Grapewin (Store Clerk)
Lillian Harmer (Mattie)
Wallis Clark (Laidlaw)
Margaret Marquis (uncredited)
Ferdinand Munier (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Babe Stewart is a card shark who decides to lay low in a small town. There, he meets a librarian named Connie, who is tired of small town life. On the flip of a coin, Babe agrees to marry Connie, and brings his new bride to New York. Babe pretends to work an office job and hides the true identity of his friends in order to prevent Connie from knowing about his illegal dealings. When the police catch up with Babe he decides that he must reform his behavior, and agrees to a jail sentence. To hide his whereabouts from Connie, he concocts an elaborate story that he must go on a trip to South America. Connie, already knowing the extent of Babe’s criminality, lets him keep up his charade so as not to embarrass him, and waits patiently for his release.

Release Date: December 30, 1932 (USA)
Running Time: 85 minutes