Brief Moment (David Burton, 1933)

Director: David Burton
Producer: Columbia Pictures
Writers: Brian Marlow, Edith Fitzgerald
Cinematographer: Ted Tetzlaff
Editor: Gene Milford
Art Director: Stephen Gosson
Costumes: Robert Kalloch
Sound: George Cooper, Glenn Rominger, Earl Snyder

Carole Lombard (Abby Fane)
Gene Raymond (Rodney Deane)
Donald Cook (Franklin Deane)
Monroe Owsley (Harold Sigrift)
Arthur Hohl (Steve Walsh)
Irene Ware (Joan)
Theresa Maxwell Conover (Mrs. William Deane)
Reginald Mason (Mr. William Deane)
Jameson Thomas (Count Armand)
Florence Britton (Kay Deane)
Herbert Evans (Alfred)
Edward LeSaint (Higgins)
Allan Cavan (Mr. Lyon)
Mary Gordon (Cook)
C. Montague Shaw (Lytton)
Bill Elliott (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Rodney Dean brings nightclub singer, Abby, home to met his upper-crust family. The Deans immediately disapprove of their relationship, believing that Abby is not of the right social standing for their son. Rodney and Abby marry, and he soon returns to his playboy ways – he gets drunk, goes to parties, and spends money lavishly. Abby tries to get him to settle down, even forcing him to take a job against his will, leading to tension in their marriage.

Release Date: September 8, 1933 (USA)
Running Time: 71 minutes