Fast and Loose (Fred C. Newmeyer, 1930)

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Writer: Doris Anderson, David Gray, Avery Hopwood, Jack Kirkland, Preston Sturges
Cinematographer: William O. Steiner
Costumes: Travis Banton
Sound: C.A. Tuthill

Miriam Hopkins (Marion Lenox)
Carole Lombard (Alice O’Neil)
Frank Morgan (Bronson Lenox)
Charles Starrett (Henry Morgan)
Henry Wadsworth (Bertie Lenox)
Winifred Harris (Carrie Lenox)
Barry O’Moore (George Grafton)
David Hutcheson (Lord Rockingham)
Ilka Chase (Millie Montgomery)
Herschel Mayall (Judge Summers)
Kirk Alyn (uncredited)
Edward Keane (uncredited)

Plot Summary
The Lenoxes are in turmoil because the daughter, Marion, is in love with a mechanic and their son, Bertie, is intent on marrying chorus girl, Alice. Bronson Lenox and his brother meet Alice at a roadhouse and plead with her to leave Bertie alone, and accidentally bump into Marion and her beau. Fast and Loose is an adaptation of Avery Hopwood’s play, The Best People (1924).

Release Date: November 8, 1930 (USA)
Running Time: 70 minutes