The Gay Bride (Jack Conway, 1934)

Director: Jack Conway
Producer: MGM Studios
Executive Producer: John W. Considine Jr.
Writers: Charles Francis Coe, Bella Spewack, Samuel Spewack
Cinematographer: Ray June
Art Director: Cedric Gibbons, Stan Rogers, Edwin B. Willis
Music: Jack Virgil, R.H. Bassett
Sound: Douglas Shearer
Costumes: Dolly Tree

Carole Lombard (Mary Magiz)
Chester Morris (Jimmie ‘Office Boy’ Burnham)
Zasu Pitts (Mirabelle)
Leo Carrillo (Mickey ‘The Greek’ Mikapopoulis)
Nat Pendelton (William ‘Shoots’ Magiz)
Sam Hardy (Daniel Dingle)
Walter Walker (MacPherson)
Isabelle Keith (MacPherson’s secretary)
Edward LeSaint (Justice of the Peace)
Frank Darien (Mr. Bartlett)
Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson (Shoe shiner)

Plot Summary
Mary is a gold digger who has a habit of marrying gangsters and inheriting their money upon their deaths. Her latest target is dim-witted ‘Shoots,’ but things don’t go smoothly for Mary: Shoots’ bodyguard, ‘Office Boy,’ calls her bluff. When gangster Daniel Dingle kills ‘Shoots,” he expects Mary to marry him – but so does Shoots’ other associate, Mickey. Mary has an epiphany after falling in love with ‘Office Boy,’ believing that love is more important than money. Unfortunately, Daniel and Mickey won’t let her off the hook so easily.

Release Date: December 14, 1934 (USA)
Running Time: 80 minutes