The Racketeer (Howard Higgin, 1929)

Director: Howard Higgin
Producer: Pathé Exchange
Executive Producer: Robert Block
Writers: Paul Gangelin, A.A. Kline
Cinematographer: David Abel
Editors: Jack Ogilvie, Doane Harrison
Art Director: Edward C. Jewell
Sound Engineers: Denzil A. Cutler, Harold E. Stine, Clarence M. Wickes
Music: Josiah Zuro
Costumes: Gwen Wakeling

Robert Armstrong (Mahlon Keane)
Carole Lombard (Rhoda Philbrooke)
Roland Drew (Tony Vaughan)
Paul Hurst (Mehaffy)
Kit Guard (Gus)
Al Hill (Squid)
Bobby Dunn (The rat)
Budd Fine (Bernie Weber)
Hedda Hopper (Mrs. Lee)
Jeanette Loff (Millie Chapman)
John Loder (Jack Oakhurst)
Winter Hall (Mr. Chapman)
Winifred Harris (Mrs. Chapman)
Robert Parrish (uncredited)
Philipps Smalley (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Divorcée Rhoda is caught in a love triangle with a mob boss, Mahlon, and an alcoholic violinist, Tony. Rhoda is in desperate need of money after leaving her wealthy husband for Tony, so Mahlon offers to help. He gets Tony sober, and puts his career back on track. When Mahlon proposes to Rhoda, she accepts out of obligation but eventually realizes that she is still in love with Tony.

Release Date: November 9, 1929 (USA)
Running Time: 68 minutes