Marriage in Transit (Roy William Neill, 1925)

Director: Roy William Neill
Producer: William Fox
Writer: Dorothy Yost
Cinematographer: G. O. Post

Edmund Lowe (Holden, Cyril Gordon)
Carole Lombard (Celia Hathaway)
Adolph Miller (Haynes)
Frank Beal (Burnham)
Fred Walton (Valet)
Byron Douglas (Conspirator 1)
Fred J. Butler (Conspirator 2)
Wade Boteler (Conspirator 3)
Fred Becker (Conspirator 4)
Eddy Chandler (Conspirator 5)

Plot Summary
Holden and his gang steal sensitive government documents. Cyril Gordon, a Secret Service agent who bears a strong resemblance to Holden, is tasked with recovering the stolen documents and bringing the gang to justice. To infiltrate Holden’s gang, Cyril impersonates him and even takes a wife named Celia, who believes she is married to the gangster. Eventually, Cyril reveals his true identity to Celia, and the couple travel to Washington to turn over their evidence to the government. Before they complete their mission, Holden traps the couple in their hotel room. The two men fight, and Cyril comes out victorious. He turns Holden and his conspirators over to the police.

Release Date: March 29, 1925 (USA)
Running Time: 120 minutes

Carole Lombard as Celia.
Carole Lombard and Edmund Lowe.