The Road to Glory (Howard Hawks, 1926)

Director: Howard Hawks
Producer: Fox Film Corporation
Writer: Gordon Rigby and Howard Hawks
Cinematographer: Joseph H. August

May McAvoy (Judith Allen)
Leslie Fenton (David Hale)
Ford Sterling (James Allen)
Rockliffe Fellowes (Del Cole)
Milla Davenport (Aunt Selma)
John MacSweeney (Butler)
Carole Lombard (bit part)

Plot Summary
Judith survives a car accident but loses her eye sight. She fears that she will soon become a burden to her father, James, and boyfriend, Del. To make their lives easier, she agrees to live with a lecherous, rich older man named David Hale. Unhappy, Judith turns to prayer to heal her blindness, so that she may one day return to her family.

Release Date: February 7, 1926 (USA)
Running Time: 93 minutes