No One Man (Lloyd Corrigan, 1932)

Director: Lloyd Corrigan
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Writer: Sidney Buchman, Percy Heath, Rupert Hughes, Agnes Brand Leahy
Cinematographer: Charles Lang
Music: Ralph Rainger, Max Reese
Sound: Earl S. Hayman
Costumes: Travis Banton

Carole Lombard (Penelope ‘Nep’ Newbold)
Ricardo Cortez (Bill Hanaway)
Paul Lukas (Dr. Karl Bemis)
Juliette Compton (Sue Folsom)
George Barbier (Alfred Newbold)
Virginia Hammond (Matilda Newbold)
Arthur Pierson (Stanley McIlvaine)
Frances Moffett (Delia)
Irving Bacon (License clerk)
Velda Buckland (uncredited)
Jane Darwell (uncredited)
Bess Flowers (uncredited)
Larry Steers (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Nep is a rich divorcée who believes that no man can be completely virtuous. At her parents’ house, Nep meets a handsome Viennese doctor who disproves her belief that all doctors are dull. Nep and Dr. Bemis fall in love but just before they are about to marry, Nep’s old flame, Bill, convinces her to marry him instead. Nep and Bill’s marriage is an unhappy one – not only is she still in love with Dr. Bemis, but Bill has an affair with an ex-girlfriend named Sue. After Bill suffers a heart attack, Dr. Bemis warns him that he must give up his extravagant cavorting and live a simpler life. Unfortunately, Bill ignores the doctor’s advice and dies while out with Sue. Several months later, Nep and Dr. Bemis finally marry.

Release Date: January 22, 1932 (USA)
Running Time: 73 minutes