“Three Comedy Units Underway at Sennett Studio” (The Los Angeles Times, July 17, 1927)

Spurred on by the demands of the new production and distribution program for 1927-1928, the Mack Sennett studio is a beehive of activity with three comedy units in production and another ready to begin within a week.

Eddie Cline is well into the sequence of the first of the new series of Sennett girl comedies, in which the comedy producer is bringing back the beauties who were famous a few years ago. The task of accumulating a group of girls who will be perfection incarnate and who will be featured as a group in future pictures is a slow one, but four of those who are to be featured in this first picture have already won contracts by their merit. They are Carole Lombard, Anita Barnes, Leota Winters and Kathryn Stanley. Major roles in the picture will be played by Mack Swain, Daphne Pollard, Sterling Holloway, Dot Farley, and Matty Kemp.

On another stage Mary Ann Jackson, Ruth Hiatt, and Raymond McKee, under the direction of Phil Whitman are producing an other chapter in the annals of the “Jimmy Smiths,” the series of two-reel domestic comedies in which the whimsical and human adventures and misadventures of the young married couple and their mischievous infant are pictured.

Billy Bevan, Alma Bennett and Vernon Dent are hard at work on a cabaret comedy under the direction of Harry Edwards. Carmelita Geraghty and Barbara Tennant have been secured by Mack Sennett to play in this picture.

Work will begin within a few days upon That Good-Bye Kiss, a feature-length romantic war comedy, which will be directed by Alf Goulding, and in which Mack Swain, Johnny Burke, Alice Day, Alma Bennett and Matty Kemp will be featured.