The Arizona Kid (Alfred Santell, 1930)

Director: Alfred Santell
Producer: Fox Film Corporation
Writers: Ralph Block, Joseph Wright
Cinematographer: Glen MacWilliams
Editor: Paul Weatherwax
Music: R.H. Bassett, Peter Brunelli
Costumes: Sophie Wachner

Warner Baxter (The Arizona Kid)
Carole Lombard (Virginia Hoyt)
Theodore von Eltz (Dick Hoyt)
Hank Mann (Bartender)
Mona Maris (Lorita)
Wilfred Lucas (Manager)
James Gibson (Stage guard)
Larry McGrath (Homer Snook)
Jack Herrick (Hoboken Hooker)
Walter P. Lewis (Sheriff Jim Andrews)
Arthur Stone (Snakebite Pete)
De Sacia Mooers (Molly)
Soledad Jiménez (Pulga)
Horace B. Carpenter (Jake Grant)
Art Mix (uncredited)
Frank Rice (uncredited)
Charles Stevens (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Based on O. Henry’s “Cisco Kid,” The Arizona Kid is a bandit posing as a Western miner who steals money on behalf of the poor and needy. Although The Arizona Kid is already in love with Lorita, he quickly becomes infatuated with Virginia, a mysterious easterner who has just moved into town with her brother, Dick. The Arizona Kid’s mine gets raided and two of his friends are killed. Eventually, he learns that the crime was committed by Virginia and Dick (who turns out to be her husband).

Release Date: April 27, 1930 (USA)
Running Time: 88 minutes