“Bond Sale Up to 35 Million for Sept 16” (Motion Picture Daily, September 18 1942)

Among recent large sales reported were a $1,500,000 bond premiere at the Aladdin Theatre, Denver, and a total of $1,250,000 from five Minnesota cities credited to Edward Arnold, Richard Arlen, Peggy Diggins and Dorothy Cordray. Illinois Allied theatres reported a 10-day sale of $150,012 with returns still incomplete.

The Rivoli, New York, sold $17,000 bonds at a special program Wednesday night in connection with the current Carole Lombard Memorial Week. Ben Grauer, NBC announcer, was master of ceremonies and soldiers and AWVS members canvassed the house. Purchasers of $1,000 denominations were given season passes, and purchases of smaller denominations a regular pass.

At Warners’ DeWitt, Bayonne, N.J., $56,000 was raised at a 30-minutes rally, staged by Robert Deitch, manager.

Rita Hayworth, scheduled to start a Bond tour Monday, entered Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, Hollywood, as a result of a nervous breakdown after a USO Camp tour show. Jane Withers was unable to join a Bond tour because of studio commitments.