Virtue (Edward Buzzell, 1932)

Director: Edward Buzzell
Producer: Columbia Pictures
Writers: Robert Riskin, Ethel Hill
Cinematographer: Joseph Walker
Editor: Maurice Wright
Sound: Edward Bernds
Music: Mischa Bakaleinikoff, David Klatzkin

Carole Lombard (Mae)
Pat O’Brien (Jimmy Doyle)
Mayo Methot (Lil Blaine)
Jack La Rue (Toots)
Shirley Grey (Gert)
Ward Bond (Frank)
Willard Robertson (MacKenzie)
Lew Kelly (Magistrate)
Fred Stantley (Hank)
Arthur Wanzer (Flanagan)
Jessie Arnold (Landlady)
Edwin Stanley (District Attorney)
Vance Carroll (uncredited)
Jack Cheatham (Police Seargeant)
Sherry Hall (Charlie)
Edward LeSaint (Judge)
Charles Murphy (Ryan)
Lew Meehan (Detective)
King Mojave (uncredited)
Field Norton (uncredited)
Paddy O’Flynn (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt (uncredited)
Harry Semels (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Mae is a former prostitute who marries cab driver, Jimmy. Not long after they wed, Jimmy learns of Mae’s past, and has a hard time accepting that she has changed. When Mae gets tangled up with a gangster and is accused of murder, it’s up to Jimmy to prove his wife’s innocence.

Release Date: October 25, 1932 (USA)
Running Time: 68 minutes