“Cheek Scar Value Put Up to Judge” (The Los Angeles Times, October 13, 1927)

Film Bathing Girl sues for $35,000 as Result of Auto Accident.

Judge Fleming of Superior Court will be called upon this morning to determine the value of a scar on the cheek of a bathing girl when Carole Jane Peters, motion-picture actress, appears to prosecute her suit for $35,000 damages against Harry Cooper, 16 years of age, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper.

Miss Peters, who is 17, and earns her livelihood playing bathing-beauty roles in comedies, contends the scar greatly detracts from her appearance before the camera. She asserts she received the scar as the result of a collision between young Cooper’s automobile and another car. Miss Peters, who is known professionally as Carole Lombard, says she was riding with Cooper at the time of the accident.