Rumba (Marion Gering, 1935)

Director: Marion Gering
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Executive Producer: William LeBaron
Writers: Howard J. Green, Harry Ruskin, Frank Partos
Cinematographer: Ted Tetzlaff
Music: Ralph Rainger
Sound: Jack A. Goodrich
Art Directors: Hans Dreier, Robert Usher
Costumes: Travis Banton
Stunts: Veloz
Visual Effects: Dewey Wrigley

George Raft (Joe Martin)
Carole Lombard (Diana Harrison)
Lynne Overman (Flash)
Margo (Carmelita)
Gail Patrick (Patsy Fletcher)
Iris Adrian (Goldie Allen)
Monroe Owsley (Hobart Fletcher)
Jameson Thomas (Jack Solanger)
Soledad Jiménez (Tia Maria)
Paul Porcasi (Carlos)
Samuel S.Hinds (Henry B. Harrison)
Virginia Hammond (Mrs. Harrison)
Rafael Alcayde (Alfredo)
Hooper Atchley (Doctor)
Richard Alexander (Cop)
Ann Sheridan (Chorus Girl)
Akim Tamiroff (Tony)

Plot Summary
Joe Martin is a gangster who is hiding out in Cuba. He is in possession of a counterfeit raffle ticket, and wants to claim the $5000 prize – however, the real ticket is in the hands of socialite Diana Harrison. Joe is insulted when Diana tries to give him the cash prize, so he tries to humiliate her in retaliation. After she leaves Cuba for New York, Joe opens a nightclub and performs the rumba. As time goes on Joe feels sorry for the way he treated Diana: he decides to travel to New York to see her, but is afraid of what underworld characters he’ll encounter.

Release Date: February 8, 1935 (USA)
Running Time: 81 minutes