Smith’s Army Life (Alfred J. Goulding, 1928)

Director: Alfred J. Goulding
Producer: Mack Sennett
Writers: Jefferson Moffitt, Vernon Smith
Cinematographer: Harry Cooper, Leland Davis, Vernon L. Walker, William Williams

Raymond McKee (Jimmy Smith)
Ruth Hiatt (Mabel Smith)
Mary Ann Jackson (Bubbles Smith)
Vernon Dent (Colonel)
Glen Cavender (Drill Sergeant)
Andy Clyde (Clarence)
Carole Lombard (Clarence’s wife)
William McCall (Inspector)
Irving Bacon (Inspector)
Balto (dog)
Matty Kemp (Officer, uncredited)
Sam Lufkin (Soldier, uncredited)
Art Rowlands (Soldier, uncredited)

Plot Summary
Mr. Smith enlists in a civilian military camp, and brings along his family for a vacation. However, to meet army regulations, Mr. Smith must pretend to be single. While her husband is in training, Mrs. Smith finds herself the object of the camp Colonel’s affections.

Release Date: February 5, 1928 (USA)
Running Time: 20 minutes