Sinners in the Sun (Alexander Hall, 1932)

Director: Alexander Hall
Producer: Paramount Pictures
Writers: Mildred Cram, Samuel Hoffenstein, Vincent Lawrence, Waldemar Young
Cinematographer: Ray June
Music: Rudolph G. Kopp, John Leipold
Costumes: Travis Banton

Carole Lombard (Doris Blake)
Chester Morris (Jimmie Martin)
Adrienne Ames (Claire Kinkaide)
Alison Skipworth (Mrs. Blake)
Cary Grant (Ridgeway)
Walter Byron (Eric Nelson)
Rita La Roy (Lil)
Reginald Barlow (Mr. Blake)
Russ Clark (Fred Blake)
Luke Cosgrave (Grandfather Blake)
Lynn Browning (uncredited)
Veda Buckland (uncredited)
Dorothy Compton (uncredited)
Dorothy Dix (uncredited)
Frank Darien (uncredited)
Muriel Evans (uncredited)
Maude Turner Gordon (uncredited)
Anderson Lawler (uncredited)
Florence Lawrence (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Doris is in love with an auto mechanic named Jimmie, but doesn’t believe their relationship can last without money. Doris turns down Jimmie’s proposal, and instead takes up with a rich married man named Eric Nelson. To earn extra money, Jimmie finds work as a chauffeur and ends up marrying his attractive employer, Claire. Doris quickly becomes unhappy as Eric’s mistress, and realizes that her love for Jimmie is more important than money – but can she win him back?

Release Date: May 13, 1932 (USA)
Running Time: 70 minutes