Vigil In The Night (George Stevens, 1940)

Director: George Stevens
Producer: RKO Pictures, George Stevens
Writers: Fred Guiol, P.J. Wolfson, Rowland Leigh, A.J. Cronin
Cinematographer: Robert De Grasse
Music: Alfred Newman
Editor: Henry Berman
Art Director: Van Nest Polgase
Set Decorator: Darrell Silvera
Costumes: Walter Plunkett
Production Management: Pandro S. Berman

Carole Lombard (Anne Lee)
Brian Aherne (Dr. Robert Prescott)
Anne Shirley (Lucy Lee)
Julien Mitchell (Matthew Bowley)
Robert Coote (Dr. Caley)
Brenda Forbes (Nora)
Rita Page (Glennie)
Peter Cushing (Joe Shand)
Ethel Griffies (Matron)
Doris Lloyd (Mrs. Bowley)
Emily Fitzroy (Sister Gilson)
May Beatty (Mrs. Merchant)
Helena Grant (Nurse Gregg)

Plot Summary
Anne takes the blame for her sister and fellow nurse, Lucy’s fatal nursing mistake. At her new job at a northern England hospital, Anne must deal with inadequate facilities and an overbearing patron named Matthew Bowley. When an epidemic strikes the hospital, Anne must do her best to care for her patients – including Bowley’s son.

Release Date: February 9, 1940 (USA)
Running Time: 96 minutes