The Best Man (Harry Edwards, 1928)

Director: Harry Edwards
Producer: Mack Sennett
Writers: Dudley Early, Harry Edwards, Al Giebler, Jame MacLachlan, Paul Perez, George A. Posner, Earle Rodney, Edith M. Ryan
Cinematographers: Leland Davis, George Unholz, William Williams

Billy Bevan (The Best Man)
Vernon Dent (The Groom)
Alma Bennett (The Bride)
Andy Clyde (Justice of the Peace)
Sunshine Hart (Bride’s mother)
Irving Bacon (Bride’s father)
Peggy Gaddis (uncredited)
Betty Amann (uncredited)
Carole Lombard (Wedding guest, uncredited)
William McCall (Wedding guest, uncredited)
Roger Moore (uncredited)
Leota Winters (uncredited)
Pat Harmon (Cop, uncredited)
Madalynne Field (uncredited)
Nancy Cornelius (uncredited)

Plot Summary
A bride and groom are about to get married, but the best man is nowhere to be found. When he arrives late, he smears tar on the carpet and loses the bride’s ring. The best man causes more chaos at the wedding reception, including giving castor oil to the groom, and even setting the bride’s bedroom on fire.

Release Date: February 19, 1928 (USA)
Running Time: 22 minutes

Billy Bevan as the best man.
The best man with the bride and groom.