Motorboat Mamas (Harry Edwards/Phil Whitman, 1928)

Directors: Harry Edwards and Phil Whitman
Producer: Mack Sennett
Writers: Betty Browne, Bennett Cohen, Jefferson Moffitt, Earle Rodney, Maurice Stephens
Cinematographers: Lee Davis, George Unholz, William Williams, Chris Withrow

Billy Bevan (Billy Bender)
Alma Bennett (Cabaret entertainer)
Vernon Dent (Charley Whalen)
Carmelita Geraghty (Cabaret entertainer)
Barbara Tennant (Mrs. Whalen)
Sunshine Hart (Mother-in-law)
Louise Carver (Madame Offskey)
William McCall (Cabaret Maitre’d)
George Gray (Cabaret patron)
Barney Hellum (Cabaret patron)
Irving Bacon (Cabaret patron)
Carole Lombard (uncredited)
Dot Farley (uncredited)
Betty Amann (uncredited)
Leota Winters (uncredited)
Donald Woods (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Charley, his new bride, Barbara, and his mother-in-law attend a cabaret show. Charley’s playboy friend, Billy, is also at the club and invites him onto his yacht with two of the cabaret entertainers, but Charley already has plans to go to Catalina with his family. When Charley arrives at the dock, he mistakenly gets aboard Billy’s yacht. Charley’s wife and mother-in-law search for him on the yacht, and he tries to hide from them: he dons blackface and pretends to be the cook.

Release Date: September 30, 1928 (USA)
Running Time: 20 minutes