Smith’s Restaurant (Phil Whitman, 1928)

Director: Phil Whitman
Producer: Mack Sennett
Writers: St. Elmo Boyce, Al Giebler, Harry McCoy, Jefferson Moffitt, Fred Myton, Nellie Revell, Earle Rodney, Frank Terry
Cinematographers: Leland Davis, Louis Jennings, Earl Stafford, Vernon L. Walker, William Williams

Raymond McKee (Jimmy Smith)
Ruth Hiatt (Mabel Smith)
Mary Ann Jackson (Bubbles Smith)
Daphne Pollard (Waitress)
William Searby (Waitress’s boyfriend)
Vernon Dent (Big Diner)
Madalynne Field (Big Diner’s date)
Andy Clyde (Buyer)
William McCall (Ticket taker)
Barney Hellum (customer)
Irving Bacon (uncredited)
Carole Lombard (uncredited)
Pat Moyer (uncredited)
Alice Ward (uncredited)

Plot Summary
The Smiths open a restaurant, but can’t pay their bills because all of their customers won’t pay their checks.

Release Date: August 19, 1928 (USA)
Running Time: 20 minutes