No More Orchids (Walter Lang, 1932)

Director: Walter Lang
Producer: Columbia Pictures
Writers: Grace Perkins, Gertrude Purcell, Keene Thompson
Cinematographer: Joseph H. August
Editor: Jack Dennis
Costumes: Robert Kalloch
Sound: Edward Bernds

Carole Lombard (Annie Holt)
Walter Connolly (Bill Holt)
Louise Closser Hale (Grandma Holt)
Lyle Talbot (Tony Gage)
C. Aubrey Smith (Jerome Cedric)
Allen Vincent (Dick)
Ruthelma Stevens (Rita)
Arthur Houseman (Serge)
William V. Mong (Burkhardt)
Jameson Thomas (Prince Carlos)
Sidney Bracey (Holmes)
Edward LeSaint (Captain Jeffries)
Charles Hill Mailes (Merriwell)
Broderick O’Farrell (Benton)
William Worthington (uncredited)
Belle Johnstone (uncredited)
Wilfred Lucas (uncredited)

Plot Summary
Annie is an heiress who is engaged to marry a wealthy prince. Their relationship has been arranged by Annie’s father, Bill, and grandfather in order to save Bill’s failing business. However, on a cruise Annie falls in love with Tony, who initially rebuffs her advances, believing she is spoiled and shallow. As their relationship grows, Annie must prove to her family that her love for humble Tony is more important than money.

Release Date: November 25, 1932 (USA)
Running Time: 71 minutes